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Amber Turquoise People Necklace

Amber Turquoise People Necklace

Raw amber necklace or collar for your human! Large center amber is spaced with turquoise and wood beads. Has toggle clasp or lobster claw clasp. Also can be made into anklets and bracelets!

  • Price: $53.99

Annie Necklace

amber collar

Amber with colored accent beads (choose your color of bead). Base price is for an 8" necklace. Very striking necklace! Amber is smaller and not suggested for larger dogs over 15". (Suggest Brutus, Lava Rock or Big Dog for over 15".)

  • Price: $29.99

Big Dog

amber collar

Made with large amber nuggets (1.0 up to 2.00 inches), strung with wood beads and accent bead of your choice.

  • Price: $66.99


amber collar on Valla rotti

The Brutus Necklace, made with large amber (1.0 - 3.0 cm.) with black spacers and your choice of wood or colored bead. This is the number one recommended necklace for anything over 14", plenty of amber, yet doesn't get to heavy for the larger neck sizes.

  • Price: $38.99

Cricky Turquoise

Cricky Turquoise

Amber with Turquoise and wood beads... base price starts at 7". Choice of clasp. Very Striking necklace. Matching people jewelry available!

  • Price: $35.99

Kitty Cat / Small Doggie

Love in the 70's

Small nuggets of Raw Baltic Amber with black and wood beads.... this is a smaller style for cats or small dogs. Trevor Tuff clasp or swivel clasp is recommended. Prices start as low as $25.99! Add a Bell option now available!

  • Price: $25.99

Lava Rock (NEW STYLE!)

Amber Dog Collar to repel ticks and fleas

Lava Rock Amber Dog collar, great for all dog sizes. This collar is great for spritzing essential oils on the Lava Rock (2 Lava Rocks will be spaced with the amber and accent beads). Combined with Baltic Amber, it will give you ultimate flea and tick protection.

  • Price: $33.99

Quartz Amber Necklace or Bracelet

Quartz Amber Necklace or Bracelet

Raw Amber, turquoise, and clear crystal quartz pendant. Amber provides natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, clear quartz would amplify the energy of the amber and help clear and energize the wearer. This in combination to repelling those pests makes it a winner!

  • Price: $57.00



Raw Baltic Amber with skull beads! ... base price starts at 7". Choice of clasp. Very popular theme! Matching people jewelry available!

  • Price: $28.99